Phoenicia is not only about tourism, hotels, all-inclusive concept, receptions or luxurious rooms, it is much more than that.

Our portfolio has been enriched with new restaurants that easily became our guests’ favorite places. We are always prepared to make the best out of our guests’ lunch and dinner experiences. If you prefer a fancy atmosphere, you should go to Mandaloun Restaurant or in case you need some privacy, you should choose Maison Mandaloun in Dorobanți. If you go to the mountains, don’t miss Château Mandaloun in Sinaia.

Wanting to adapt to the current times, in January 2021 we opened a food delivery restaurant, Phoenicia Lions Food. Thus, we can reach customers in Bucharest & Ilfov faster and easier.

A successful business is born out of pure passion, so in 2019 we have decided to take a step forward and open up the Brands’ War, the largest standalone fashion outlet in Bucharest. We have three sites, 2 in Bucharest and 1 in Constanța, where you can find famous brands at the most affordable prices.

If we speak about the Romanian Black Sea coast, we take a step forward into revitalizing the southern part of our seaside, by bringing back to life the Complex Amfiteatru - Belvedere - Panoramic. Located in Olimp, it has been part of Phoenicia’s portfolio since 2016.  This location is known as “The Pearl of the Romanian seaside” and Phoenicia succeeded to give the establishment its true value back.

The complete renovation required an investment of about 15 million euros and resulted to be one of the most ambitious projects of the Romanian Black Sea coast.

The Complex had its grand opening in August 2020.  It covers an area of 47,000 square meters and has more than 1,500 seating accommodation.